• We are honored to have won 1st Place on Detroit A list 2014.

    We are honored to have been voted Detroit's #1 dog training school!
    Thank you to all who supported Canine Resolution!!

  • At Canine Resolution, we offer a 3000 sq. ft. training center with adjacent lighted parking

    At Canine Resolution, we offer dog training for the pet or working dog.

  • Classes fill up fast so register early!

    New classes/workshops start every week! Sign up today!
    Did you know that our classes come with complimentary instructional videos?

  • Our customers love us and we have the proof.

    Our customers love us and we have the proof. Our Facebook page has tons of recommendations!



Canine Resolution Cares About You And Your Dogs!


Does your dog... 

Jump on people? Charge through doors? Dig in the yard? Bark and chew inappropriately? Climb on the furniture you prefer they avoid? Sniff and eat off the table or counters? Act wild and uncontrollable? Ignore you when you want their attention?


Would you like your dog to...

Come when called? Sit or lay down when asked ...and stay? Walk nice on a loose leash? Obey off leash?


We are here to help.  You can have that dog that you always wanted.

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