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We offer a 3000 sq. ft. training center with adjacent lighted parking. Canine Resolution is located at 4180 W. Walton Blvd. Waterford MI. 48329 This is just east of Sashabaw on Walton Blvd. Quick acces to I-75 and M-59

We have a complete training facility that offers: 

  • Group and private lessons
  • Behavioral counseling and evaluations
  • Boot Camp/Boarding with training
  • Dog training supplies
  • Pet grooming

Stop by and take a tour or please call us with any questions that you may have:

Training (248) 681-4201 

Grooming (248)618-8860


We have a very active Facebook community. Many of our customers have left recommendations that make us blush. We also post pictures of our classes and graduates and also report dog news that you need to know such as dog food recalls!

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A perfect dog is only a phone call away!

Canine Resolution cares about you and your dogs!

Does your dog...

Jump on people? Charge through doors? Dig in the yard? Bark and chew inappropiately? Climb on the furnture you prefer they avoid? Sniff and eat off the table or counters? Act wild and uncontrollable? Ignore you when you want their attention?

Would you like your dog to...

Come when called? Sit or laydown when asked ...and stay? Walk nice on a loose leash? Obey off leash?

We are here to help.  You can have that dog that you always wanted.

Want to learn more about our Training Programs?
1. Check out our training philosophy
2. View our training programs
3. Select a program  for your dog
4. To register call (248) 681-4201 or click on the register now link
Voted Detroit's Best Trainer 2014

We are honored to have won 1st Place on Detroit A list 2014. Thank you to all who supported Canine Resolution!!

We are thrilled to have finished in the Top 5 for Best Training in Detroit on Detroit A list six years in a row,  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Thanks to all who voted for us.

BEST Training


Our customers love us and we have the proof.  Our Facebook page has tons of recommendations. And if that is not enough for you, you can check out Detroit A List


Every month we send out our free newsletter. It contains FREE TRAINING TIPS. Heck, we're even known to throw in a training or pet spa COUPON. So sign up now at THIS LINK,

Congratulations to our recent Dog show winners and CGC grads

Congratulations to our recent Canine Good Citizen (CGC) grads -Debbie and Sierra, Tausha and Maya, Geg and Bella, Traci and Carli, Tony and Eva, Vicki and Jax, Fred and Chloe, Jenny and Arizona, Stephanie and Rueger, Ruth and Bellamy,Abby and Molly, Jessie and Chopper, Nick and Maverick, April and Sogna,Laura and Kilo, Laura and Bogart, Ruth and Cece, Tom and Shotzi,Kelly and Liam, Phyliss and Duke, Paula and Duece, Chris and Ogie, Jack and Thumbalina, Denise and Mayo, Jill and Molly, Tracey and Sox, Laura and Paisley, Kristie and Johnny  Cash, Jim and Jerry Lee, Steve and Koda, Peggy and Ono, Irene and Oakley, Christina and Dauning's, Sharon and Nikita, Liz and Otis, Cheryl and Duke, Laura and Sunny, Melinda and ladybird, Gail and Brody, Sharon and Taz, Carol and Rouger, Tana and Gracie, Felipe and Venus, Pat and Missy, Christine and Molson, Marsha and Elle, Todd and Apollo, Claire and Lucy, Sharon and Pheobe, Lisa and Remmi, Greg and Boyd, Ricky and Rebel, .Nycole and Baxster, Sue and Raven, Barb and Gus, John and Albert, Cindy and Ranger, Marty and Taunee, Linda and Bella, Clair and Merlin, Barb and Becket, Eric and Ruby, Vicki and Khaodon and Hahndo, Amy and Captain, Mary Jo and Emmy Lou, Joel and Winston, Carol and Tramp, Gary and Major, Bob and Hildy, Marty and Rouger, Jeff and Miley,  Jeremy and Miles, Lisa and Wallace, Sheryl and Mac, Felipe and Kaiser, Richard and Zues, Pat and Roa, Brian anmd Mistee,  Ann and Murphy, Trish and Chester, Joyce and Finn, Greg and Wrigley, Mary and Jackie, Silke and Charlie, Troy and Clover, Teri and Daisy, Linda and Peggy, Tom and Brewster, Gloria and Meshu,  Eric and Frankie, Carl and Baily, Cheryl and Brody, Chris and Duke, Brad and Rex, Judy and Maggie, Stacey and Cassie, Sherri and Spencer, Mike and latte, Robin and Ivey, Jennifer and Chloe, Kristine and Duke,  Dr.Barbra Wright and Onyx, Susan and Bandit, Kay and Angel, Sue and  Scout,Marcia and Chili, Denise and Matey, Dino and Kukla, Jack and Bentley, Debbie and Charlie, .Dr. Barbra Wright and Radar, Jen and Dempsey, Lisa and Josie, Tracie and Ares, David and Lola, Sherri and Marley, Constance and Lacey, Darlene and Chevy, Dana and Kyzer, Judy and Jessie, Julie and Bella, Sue and Theo, Ralph and Zach, Debbi and Tikki, Richard and Kody, Judy and Jessie, Holly and Bronx,Julia and Mustang, Joan and Fozzie, Laura and Koda, Kerry and Izzy, Sharon and Marley,Joan and Gonzo, Joyce and Toby, Lisa and Grady, Bridget and Daisy, Paula-Anna,Maureen and Andy-Shamira, Juanita-Gracie,Tina-Diesel,Lorna-Lulu, Brad-Cadence, Maggie-Biscuit, Karen-Romeo, Debbie-Checora, Sherri-Jewel, Pam- Sierra, Maggie-Coco, Tracie-Athena, Donna-Winnie, Michelle-Akyra, Brad-Vicki, Angie-Tara, Frederick-Sonny, Beth-Gunner, Debbie-Mocha, Louise-Santo.

Congratulations Carl and Baily for earning a first place ribbon in obedience at the 2011 DSO

Congratulations Sam and Malley (Boxer) for earning your CD

Congratulations Beth and Wylie (Aussie) For earning your RA title at the Springer specialty show

Congratulations Betsy and Auggie (PWD) For earning your RE title at the Davisburg show

Congratulations Jeff and Sam CDX (Rottweiler) For earning your third leg towards your CDX title at Sportsmans dog traing club.. Jeff has put in some hard work with his dog and it shows.Great job Jeff and Sam! Is Utility in his future.

Congratulations Jerry and Sexy Rexy UD (Golden) for earning your UD title.

Congratulations John and Jackson CDX  (GSD) For earning your NA agility title.Jackson has also earned his third leg in the open ring with a 3rd place for your CDX title. John and Jackson have also earned titles in Rally obedience. They are an impesive team and working on their utility title..

Congratulations Maggie and Coco (Papion) 2011 4H state fair high point 2010 State Fair 4-H Dog Show 1st in pre-novice and high score pre-novice obedience, 2nd in Agility, 4th in showmanship, 4th in poster. 7-11-09 Pre Novice 1st place high score, 2nd in showmanship, 4th in agility, 2nd in costume and 4th in dog notebook and poster at the Oakland County 4-H dog show. 6-27-09 for earning1st place in novice obedience and showmanship and a qualifying score in agility at the Frankenmuth Gordan Setter Club show. Also a 4th place in showmanship 6-20.-0 9Earlier this year she also earned a 3rd place in (novice obedience) at the Springfield Oaks 4-H fun match. This was Maggie and Coco's first dog show. Maggie is 14 years old and Coco is under 1 year old. Watch out dog show enthusiasts, these two are a hot high scoring dual.

Congratulations Bridget and Daisy (King Charles) 2011 state fair high point, 2010 State fair 4-H dog show 4th in pre-novice and 6th in showmanship, 7-11-09 Pre Novice 1st place at the Oakland County 4-H dog show. Bridget is 15 years old.

Group Classes

Our next available group classes. Classes fill up fast so register early.  If you need help immediately, call us and we can schedule a private lesson.

Classes starting every month with new times/days

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Advanced next class Wed October 8th @8:00 PM  

Base Price $99.00
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Agility next class Saturday October 4th @ 9:30 AM  

Base Price $99.00
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Beginner Obedience next class Monday October 27th @ 5:00 Pm  

Base Price $199.00
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Intermediate obedience next class Wed October 8th @ 6:30 PM  

Base Price $99.00
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STAR Puppy Class Next class Monday October 27th @8:00 PM  

Base Price $199.00
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