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The Canine Resolution Philosophy


The Canine Resolution difference is in the details, with over 25 years experience in pet obedience and competition we share with you that knowledge. We incorporate playing with the dog while training using motivational techniques so our customers and dogs enjoy working together. We follow these three steps while training. 

The Canine Resolution PhilosophyStudents are taught to teach obedience using the following format:


  • Step 1: Teach the behavior by luring into position then adding a name to the position once dog anticipates or offers the behavior.


  • Step 2: Practicing the command in different places and scenarios, raising the bar to get the reward.


  • Step 3:  Proof train by making sure the dog has a complete understanding of the command by adding distractions using correction for deliberate disobedience


Students are taught to address behaviors using the following format:


Step 1  Positive reinforcement of alternate behavior

Step 2 Management of the problem setting the dog up to succeed

Step 3 Consequence for the forbidden behavior


Rewards can be anything that your dog may want that given moment. Praise, toys, food, attention, affection, space etc…Using higher value rewards for new behaviors/commands or for more challenging tasks. As the dog learns we raise the bar to earn the higher value reward while using a variable reward schedule.


Correction is applied for deliberate disobedience once the dog understands the command/behavior. Corrections can be voice, leash and collar, body posture, taking reward away etc…We do not permit yelling, hitting, kicking etc… Correction is never used if a dog is confused, showing fear or anxiety. It is applied with minimal extent to get the desired response.


The end result is a well balanced dog that has the confidence and accepts the owner’s authority. These training techniques work with your pet’s natural motivation of wanting to please and be loved. Your dog will enjoy the time you spend together while he reaps the benefits of gaining a better self concept.